Our team of professionals has appropriate experience and a workshop, but also passion and commitment to the implemented projects.

We offer filming of reports on celebrations and events as well as orders for companies. We work in Poland and abroad.

We have professional equipment and we offer aerial shots made using drone and recording materials in 4K resolution. We offer montage of films with a length of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes. and 90 min.

FILMING – We make reports on wedding / wedding, christening, communion, prom and other events. We make training videos, advertising spots, events and company conferences.

PHOTOGRAPHY – We take photo sessions – wedding, wedding, communion and not only. Outdoor and studio photos. Professionally and with commitment.

HOW DO WE WORK? – We appreciate the freedom of action you leave us to film and thank you for the trust you give us in post-production. Thanks to you, we are fully creative, using our rich experience and modern technologies.

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